Project the goal of Education Program

ネパールでのラフティングとキャニオニングを通じた教育支援, 帽子をかぶった子供の立ち姿


Our vision is to inspire lives of adventure by exploring new lands and opening minds through learning. We’re on a mission to help educate the girls and boys in Nepal from our every adventure trip we contribute our 1% profit on educational funds for helpless children. When you join for an adventure trip, you’re helping to teach a child and create opportunity for a new generation.

We are on a mission to change the literacy rate in Nepal which is staggeringly low in some rural parts of Nepal. We believe our small contribution and donation change the child learning how to read and write, they are able to better control their future. Our goal is to foster lifelong learning through independent reading, comprehension and writing skills which help educate the girls and boys in Nepal.

Our funds and donations impact schools throughout the Himalayan region and the Terai lowland of Nepal it adds up to create meaningful change. We believe a small organization can change the world and with your support, as we grow, we are able to do more and change many lives by providing life learning skills and education in the future.

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